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*Families who pay for an entire semester get the final (seventeenth) class free

Purchase Order Process


Please request a PO from your Ocean Grove ES in the amount your have registered for. 

Please relay the following information to your Ocean Grove instructor (ES - Education Specialist). 

•            Vendor: Saved By Nature

•            Name of approved instructor: Richard Tejeda (will be teaching the classes)

•            Cost of the class(es) or semester(s)

•            How many class(es) or semester(s) you have registered for

•            You can confirm that Saved By Nature will not be teaching classes that include being interactive with large bodies of water and/or swimming are not approved. (fishing, swimming, marine life that includes being interactive with the ocean, etc)

Your ES will then log into their intranet system and request a Purchase Order be sent to Saved By Nature.

Friendly reminder: It is your responsibility as the parent to have your POs in before we begin any classes that the school will be paying for.